I have added @import "helper/variables"; at the top of main.scss to import the 
variables partials, however I keep  getting this error:
 **Did you import the variables in main.scss?**

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


I have the exact same problem. Does anyone know how to solve this?


Stuck at the same point XD


Me to. Same problem. :frowning:


I have found the solution. In HTML file, Below the following line:
@import "helper / mixins";

Delete the following variables
$ Lemonade-banner: "lemonade.jpg";
$ Border: 4px solid black

These variables are found in the "helper / variables" file, it causes a conflict.


That is not the issue for me :frowning: I don't have those following lines to begin with.


Same issue here! And the beatwin's solution does not work


Same here. Tried placing the line every possible way, still getting the error.


Using Firefox instead of Safari solved the issue for me.


Yes, thats it, thank you, for me too.


Moving from Safari to Chrome solved the problem :wink:


I'm already using Chrome, and I'm still stuck on this exercise :confused:


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