Part of the Whole instructions were TERRIBLE

I just want to say that the instructions were absolutely horrid.

I spent almost an hour trying to figure this one out even though I had written the code that could take in a list containing the students names and spit out the class average within 3 minutes of realizing the challenge at hand. My mistake? Not naming this list “students”.

In instruction #1 it says “you can expect STUDENTS to be a list containing your three students”, this sounds like a suggestion not an instruction to make a list as such: students = [lloyd, alice, tyler]

To further add to the confusion, instruction #2: “For each student item in the CLASS list”, oh so you want me to name my list class? But that returns errors because apparently “class” is a reserved word for python already.

What made matters worse were the error messages which would tell me get_class_average([alice]) doesn’t return the expected value and I’m over here thinking…"[alice]"? Wth…thought I was supposed to feed a list as an argument? UGH!

So my mistake was naming my list of students “class_list” instead of “students”.

Please find another way of checking if a student’s code is correct by checking the expected value at the end!

You must follow instructions, I went through this lesson no problem.