Part of the Whole Alice Issue


It says that the average for Alice is 83.8666666666667 instead of 91.15 as expected. How do I fix this?

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Without seeing any code, it sounds like an indentation issue on a return statement could be the culprit. That is only guessing, mind.

The fact that this is the class average speaks to another problem, as yet unknown.


I changed the bottom portion to a for loop but the same issue is occurring. Here is the link for that:


Do you mean that 83.86666666667 is the class average? If so, any ideas why it is showing up for Alice? I also changed the bottom portion of my code to a for loop to delete some of the text, but it should have the same function as my old code.


This is something you can test for yourself. Yes. It is the class average.

The links will only lead to our own code, not yours. Plain text (raw source) is what we need to be able to asses the presence of any issues in your code.


here is my code:


The line,

print get_letter_grade

is not going to output what you expect. That line may be removed.

The students list should not be inside the get_class_average function. Remove it from there and place with the rest of the data up top (just under the dictionaries).


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