Part of the Whole # 8


Hello everyone. I am stuck with part 8 of student becomes teacher. My code is below and honestly, I was pretty confident about my code. But I got this error message and I am not really sure what to do. Thanks everyone for your help and feedback. If anyone can provide a way to help from making common syntax errors, that will be helpful as well. Thanks a lot!

File "python", line 34
for student in class:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

def get_class_average(students):
    results = []
    for student in class:
        get_average(student) and results.append(get_average            (student))
        return average(results)


what is class?


That was a bit tricky in the instruction, they asked to refer to class (of students) and not a 'class' called variable, so your class (of students) is variable students.