Part: Associations II, Exercies: #4 (Movies I), Step: #2

Hi zystvan,
Thank you for your readiness for help.
As I mentioned in the post title it is Associations II, Exercies: #4 (Movies I), Step: #2
I did step# 1 and tried to finish step #2.

Note: I have a Movies controller, I restarted a page several times, I tried to find help everywhere on internet. No result! What is bad here?

Hey Mato,

Thanks for creating this topic!

I’m not sure this is a problem with your code, since I had the same thing and got passed with no trouble. Since you aren’t getting an error message, I think this is a problem on Codecademy’s side (there seems to be a bug causing learners to not be passed for no reason right now). The best suggestion I have is to wait a day or two, then come back and see if Codecademy has managed to fix it by then. You could also try the “Report a Bug” on the bottom left of the page, to help make sure they’re aware of this.

Sorry for the trouble :confused:

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