Part 4. Good afternoon codemen. Kindly tell me what is wrong with my code here, its not working. Thank you


Oops, try again.
There was a problem with your syntax.

Replace this line with your code. 

ar foodDemand = function(food) {
    console.log("I want to eat+""+food);


ar foodDemand  // write var


var not ar, have cut "v" un intentionally when copy pasting. Thanks


So maybe its another mistake. kindly check for me.


ya you missed "

console.log("I want to eat+""+food); //  "I want to eat"  //after eat need a "


Have got it. Thank you for your timely assistance Codeman. It has worked. Good day


But let me ask. What are the two " symbols for between the two additional signs?


space.but in your code it's not working actually.because there is no space between " "
you should write like

console.log("I want to eat"+" "+food); // now see

and you can do it too like

console.log("I want to eat "+food); //a space after eat

Hope you've understand :slight_smile:


Yes, thanks. But now am stuck on part 6. Kindly have a look at my code.


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