Part 3/9 Why is wrong?


What is wrong in my code? I don't understand.
Sorry, I'm novice here

<!DOCTYPE html>


When a person other than yourself clicks on a link to the lesson it will take them to the lesson but it won't show us your code but our code for that lesson. If you copy and paste your code into your lesson we can see it :smiley:


And I have an errors:
"Special characters must be escaped [<], [>]" I don't know why.
"Tag must be paired, missing: [ <\html> ], open match tag failed [ ] on line 2"


I can take a look at it later for you! Unfortunately I have to go right now but if someone else can help you while I am gone then thats great too :smiley:


So in this lesson you are asked to 1.) After your declaration, add opening () and closing () tags.. You have done this believe it or not. However,

It should be </html. with a / !!! not \

Sorry @netcoder16640 it took me so long. Its been a crazy day haha


Thank you! I'm stupid that I didn't see it


Nay your not stupid. It is easy to miss small errors like that. Glad to have helped and happy coding! :smiley:


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