Part 1 Lesson 10: Linking at Will


I can not figure out this lesson for the life of me, I just started out and I'm flowing right through most parts, but this part has me confused.

"In index.html, transform the image on your page into a link by wrapping the image element with an anchor element. Set the target attribute so that the link opens in a new window." I tried this a few times but I keep getting error messages.


Can you share your code and the kind of error message you are getting?

Basic structure of what they want is this:

<a href="url" target="_blank"><img src="imgurl" /></a>


I figured it out, I was being dumb hehe. Was a simple solution in the end. Thank you though!


Haha I have those moments too :sweat_smile:Glad you figured it out!


What was the error? I;m trying to figure it out.


Please tell the solution, I am also not able to figure out .
Please help me, got stuck in this exercise.


I have been troubleshooting this as well. I will try the link above. but not quite sure what I am doing wrong.


You must have an image somewhere in your html code. The instructions said to transform the image on your page into a link yet I don't see that.
All I see is a text link and not an image link.


This gives me the same error and I do not understand why.


<a href=""
target="blank">the brown bear
so this is my code but i keep getting error.


same problem is occuring to me as well