Part 1: Authorization Form Project / Browser not displaying my code for final step

Latest version of chrome.
It’s been working fine in other exercises.

Went through my code many times looking for errors. I’m a beginner so it’s very possible I have an error somewhere that is causing it to not display.

Would love to be pointed in the right direction!

import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';

class Contact extends React.Component {
    constructor(props) {
        this.state = {
            password: 'swordfish',
            authorized: true
        this.authorize = this.authorize.bind(this);

    authorize(e) {
        const password =
        const auth = password == this.state.password;
            authorized: auth

    render() {
        const login = (
            <form action="#" onSubmit={this.authorize}>
                    placeholder='Password' />
                <input type='submit' />

        var contactInfo = (
        return (
            <div id="authorization">

                <h1> { this.state.authorized == true ? 'Contact' : 'Enter the Password' }</h1>
                { this.state.authorized == true ? contactInfo : login }
    <Contact />,

i used a debug lint (create-react-app, i can highly recommend you to set this up on your PC as well), which gives me:

which is right, the ) at line 50 does not have a matching (.

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that was definitely my problem.

Thank you! I’m not sure how to setup a debug lint with atom (is that where?) - but i’ll do some research.

atom is just a text-editor, how do transpile reactJS to Javascript? A atom plugin?

figured it out, found an atom package with react linting!

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