Part 1 4. CSS Declarations color code


Hey guys, I need some help with my code for the color; what have I done wrong here?

thanks for your help!


Did you try after refreshing your browser?

if this problem persists, please post your code here :slight_smile:



I have tried, and it still doesn’t work; instead, i used the ‘get code’ function to bypass this stage.

On the following stage however, i encountered the same problem. apparently, this code:
h1, h2, p {
color: DarkSlateGray;

is also incorrect, for this task:

thanks so much for your help!


It seems your code is fine.

If you don’t have any h2 elements in your .html document then don’t need to select h2.

which browser are you using ?
Did you try after changing the browser?


Sorry for the late reply!

I’m using google chrome, but I havent tried switching browsers yet. I’m not sure if it would make a difference?


Google Chrome has some cachekiller addons which can come in handy when testing code. Its worth looking into if you encounter problems such as this.


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