Parsing a text file

This is related to a project I am working on outside of the Codecademy curriculum but I thought I would ask for advice here.

I have a long log file, in which I am seeking for the specific word EQUILIBRIUM. If the word does appear in the file, it will appear in the second position of a line that has been split by spaces. Once I find that word, I want to read atom coordinates after that word.

Is this the best way to do this? Any advice is appreciated.

class Conformer:
    def __init__(self,fname):
        self.fname = fname
        with open(self.fname,"r") as infile:
            infile_contents =
        split_file = infile_contents.split('\n')
        eq_idx = 0
        eq_found = False
        while(not eq_found):
                split_line = split_file[eq_idx].split()
            except IndexError:
                print("Equilibrium coordinates not found!")
                if (split_line[1] == "EQUILIBRIUM"):
                    eq_found = True
                    eq_idx = eq_idx + 1
            except IndexError:
                eq_idx = eq_idx + 1


Right now I am just printing the index of where the equilibrium statement was found, but eventually I will be reading in data from the file at this point.

The first try-except statement is if in case I do not find the word EQUILIBRIUM before EOF is reached. The second try-except statement is if in case I try to test for the presence of the word EQUILIBRIUM in a line that has fewer than 2 items (i.e., a blank line).

Is this the best way to approach this? Or is there a better way?

Thanks in advance.