Parameters and Arguments or 4/19


Hi fellow “Pythoneers” here is some helpful tips for when you might get stuck on this section, as I did. Take note of the instructions more clearly. It says it all in the beginning of the instructions. Then look at my code in line 1. I am Trying to explain it a bit better as I am a complete “newbie” to any form of coding. And only after reading the instructions multiple times did it dawn on me. Somewhere I probably missed that lesson…

  def power(base, exponent):  # Add your parameters here!
    result = base ** exponent
    print "%d to the power of %d is %d." % (base, exponent, result)

power(37, 4)  # Add your arguments here!

This should result in the following "OUTPUT"
```37 to the power of 4 is 1874161.```


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