Parallax/Bootstrap/AJAX/JS/jQuery Personal Website Final Project

Hey guys.

So after months and months of tinkering around and scrapping up code inspiration online, I finally managed to get all the front-end stuff down and optimized properly.

I learned a ton deploying the website, and I could by all means suggest everyone on here on doing the same.

One thing I encountered when using github pages though was that github only hosts static pages (so any back-end code won’t work on your website). I still need to change my php contact section to using JS, so that it can load directly from my source code.

If you’re interested in my code, here’s my repo on github for inspiration:

Codecademy was a great tool for learning fundamentals, but I think it’s time for me to start learning else where for more complex problems.

I want to thank everybody that has helped me on my path and I wish everybody on here the best of luck with their upcoming coding careers :wink: .

Waouh i like it ! :slight_smile:

GG !

Wow, this one is amazing :slight_smile: you’re an inspiration!

Wow, that’s impressive! Great design and one I’ve the best portfolios I’ve ever seem. The use of black and white is nice, and the animations and parallax seem just right to me.

The one main thing is that the timeline gets squashed to one side on mobile. There are also some other minor issues with the responsiveness which make it slightly less nice than desktop, but still it’s still very good.

Keep in mind over half of internet traffic is mobile, so responsiveness is very important. For future reference it might be good to look into mobile-first development as it’s becoming increasingly popular.

According to Googles page speed tools, three of your images are over 1mb. I usually aim to make images under 200kb. You can use a compressor like this to reduce the size without loosing much quality:

There’s also several 404 errors in the console.

The only other thing I can think of is that the text in the timeline section is a tad long, but it’s also well written.

Nice work!