How can I get all of these paragraphs onto one line :stuck_out_tongue:

      <p class="paragraph1">Lorem Ipsum</p>
      <p class="paragraph1">Lorem Ipsum</p>
      <p class="paragraph1">Lorem Ipsum</p>


Why do you not put the content of all paragraphs in one paragraph if you want them on one line? you could do: .paragraph1 { display: inline; }


Yeah this seems completely pointless :confused:


why do you not use an inline element like <span></span>, why use a block element like paragraph?


It's sub-titles to images, and the images are all lined up, if you can picture it. So they can't be in the same paragraph. I'll try displaying them with inline.


Could you post a screenshot?


why do you not use figure and figcaption, which is specificly made for this, for example:

  <img src="" alt="An awesome picture">	
  <figcaption>Fig1. MDN Logo</figcaption>

please post full code if you need more help


I used and it worked, thanks! c:


you can read more on the use of figure on mdn, which contains a link to figcaption. Do you understand that images are inline element, and paragraphs are block elements? and what the difference is between them?