Paragraphs, <div>s, and <span>s

I’m not 100% sure what these actually do for the page, if someone can explain? Sorry if this is too broad of a question!

div is a divider, allowing us to make multiply blocks, later we learn how we can move these blocks around, so we can make a good looking page

span can be used around one or a few words in a sentence, and then you can make these words a specific color, bold, bigger font, a lot of things.

Sometimes you learn things, and the value of what you learn you see later when you apply it more.

docs for more info:

My question is that

element is not at all explained in the introduction to HTML course but the project of fashion blog is requiring knowledge of the
element.Can you please give me the link where it is taught in codecademy because i cannot still apprehend the function of
element.Thanks in advance.

i included a link to documentation about div? its always fine to check external sources for more information, in fact, i would recommend to read upon things you learn here

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