Paragraphs and headings


I need to write this code, but do not know how, can you help me?

In the body section, create a heading. To do this, create an <h1> tag.
Add content.
Close the element with a closing tag </h1>. (Your content should now be between <h1> and </h1>.)
Underneath the heading tags, create two paragraphs using <p> tags with whatever content you like.

I have this code:

<!DOCTYPE html>

		Headings & Paragraphs


The description is fairly concise...but let's see if I can help you to the solution.

Let's break it down:

The instructions say: "In the body section"...okay, let's stop here.

Where's the body section? (Hint: Look at the code!)

(Can't get it? Just reply, I'll help you out.)

Now, moving on: The instructions say: "create a heading. To do this, create an <h1> tag."

This is fairly straight-forward, but you should know what the body is to perform this step. Look above, and again if you still can't get it please reply and let me know.

After that, just add some content in your heading, then close it off, like the instructions say, with a </h1> tag.

The final instructions ask you to create two paragraphs with arbitrary content. It says to do this using <p> tags.

Do this under the heading you just created.

Does this make sense?

If not, let me know.


The instructions sound pretty straight forward, between body:

<!-- here -->

add a h1 opening tag (<h1>) and a h1 closing tag (</h1>) and between these tags, add some text


Thank you very much! :smile:


@abhishes7777 What are you trying to accomplish?

If you're trying to get help, please make your own topic!

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