Paragraph Explanation Request

Hello, I am having a bit of trouble understanding this text.

The first step to making a propType is to search for a property named propTypes on the instructions object.

Am I to assume that most people who code in react will always have a propType declaration for each component and if they don’t its best practice to make one? When you say search for it I am also assuming that means I should look for it in the source code. Sorry but I am really confused by this paragraph. If you can explain like I’m five that would be great.

Also what do you mean by instructions object ?

Thank you.

Edit: The paragraph in question can be found here: Apply PropTypes Lesson

Please post a link to the exact exercise so we can get feet on the ground. Thanks.

Done. I have edited the initial post to contain the link. Thanks

See if this reading doesn’t clear some of the air for you…

Typechecking With PropTypes

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