Paragraph and headings


I need help and I don’t know what I have did wrong it kept saying **oops try again.**make sure you write something between each sets of

		Headings & Paragraphs
<h1>Ennie's Webpage</h1>
<p>Hello! welcome to Ennie's Webpage she is a very useful webpage maker she can help you create your own webpages and websites. the thing you will have to do is be very honest with her if you are she is going to treat you like  her own family. therefore help you with any issues you have making websites nd webpages.</P>
<p>She is looking forward to knowing you just do the thing in the first paragraph when you are working with her you will think she is not a computer, you will think she is a real human being.</P>


a lowercase paragraph opening tag, doesn’t match a uppercase paragraph closing tag. Make your paragraph closing tags lowercase


thanks it works :grinning: