PANTRY PILOT (Django Delights capstone project) - would love any FEEDBACK!

Hey everyone I’ve finally finished the ‘Django Delights’ capstone project for ‘Build Python Web Apps With Django Skill Path’!! I would love any feedback if you have time to look at my code and/or the video of the app in action.

I decided to rebrand the app to something catchier: ‘PANTRY PILOT’.

Here is a link to the repository on Github: GitHub - RobertMcIsaac/django_delights: Codecademy Django Delights capstone project

…and here is a video showcasing the app and its functionality:

My app is by no means perfect but I wanted to make sure I wrote every line of code for this project myself without using any shortcuts like Bootstrap, so I am nonetheless very proud of it. I learned a lot completing this project and will feel much more confident going into my next one!