Hey everyone, I’m in front_end path seeking a programming partner in JavaScript to enhance our skills and fast-track our path to becoming hired software engineers. Let’s collaborate and accelerate our progress together, my current course progress is 33% and my time zone is GMT+3 and fun fact about me, I was perusing the goal of becoming a singer but after I saw the the salary of software engineers I changed my mind lol. oh and i forget to mention it would be nice if we collaborate on those exact topics: Arrays, Loops, Objects, Iterators. DM me if you’re interested, cheers :heart:

Hey, I am interested in pairing with you.
My course progress is 26%. I will try to match your skillset.
My time zone is GMT-4.
Fun fact about me is, I am a Mechanical Engineer looking to swap into IT for a better salary.
Seems like we can work together.
Looking forward for your response.

Thank you

great I will text you