Pair Programming

Hi guys! I’m looking for a partner to do “pair programming”, I’m from Argentina but I also speak English (and Spanish), I leave you my discord user: Audrey # 5613 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi, I am Juan from Mexico, i’m also looking for a partner, but i have zero idea on how to use discord. Let me download it, and i’ll be in touch!

Genial Juan!! te dejo mi whatsapp para que nos comuniquemos mejor : +54 2236931171. Muchas gracias!

Hi All - I am Jay, and I am pursuing the Data Analyst/Data Scientist courses. I am looking for a partner to do pair programming with. On the courses I am on, I am learning Python.

If you are interested to pair up, please give me a shout.

Hi Jay. Kate here. Looking for someone as well to walk this journey with. I am quite a beginner. Want to see if I can leverage on my passion for analytics. Working on Python, as well as the Data science courses to venture into ML. Let me know if we can pursue this.

Hi Kate - thank you for reaching out to me. Happy to pair up. Do you have a discord account?