Pair-Programming partner

Hi guys apologies if this isnt allowed, but i’m after a partner to go through the Pair-Programming: JavaScript Syntax part I and part II section of the Full Stack Engineer path. I’m based in the UK so anyone in a similar time zone would be great! I’m currently up to 12% completion of the path also. I look forward to hearing from a possible creative partner!
Cheers guys

You might be in the wrong forum for this request – there are forums devoted towards your specific path and cohort. That being said, I posted up about a programming partner for the back-end path a month ago in the appropriate forum w/o result. I’d say lets pal up, but I’m in the states (EST). Hope this helps!

Hey @array5952959602 and @brianbatcheldor59674 !

This is permitted, although you’ll probably get more responses on the Codecademy Discord. Additionally, these forums aren’t devoted toward any specific path or cohort, they’re more of a community hub for things Codecademy-related and general coding-related.

Here’s the link to the Codecademy Discord. You’ll see a channel called #code-buddies where you can find a coding partner. You can also join a Codecademy Chapter; these are groups that meet up together to discuss programming-related topics, collaborate on projects, and showcase their work.

Happy coding!