Paint Store project

Hi all,
In Paint Store Project , total 4 stylesheets are used among which two .css files are for html elements and two are for Google fonts. why two .css files are used for html elements ?


So as you said, the two stylesheets being used are reset.css and styles.css (the other two link tags are purely for importing fonts and we wouldn’t really consider them stylesheets per se, hence two)

reset.css is a fairly common dedicated CSS file to remove the browsers built-in styling of elements (as this could cause inconsistencies between different users) so that only the custom styles you as the developer define actually take effect. You can see an example of one here: A Modern CSS Reset - Piccalilli.

styles.css is of course the file for all of the actual CSS styling code that you would be writing, it’s generally best to keep them separate for clarity and to isolate them, so that you (and anyone else reading the code) can easily understand what is important custom styles and what styles come from the reset.

It’s also fairly common, especially in very large projects to have multiple css files for styling, as you may want (for example) one global stylesheet for basic color/typography styles and secondary css files that are unique to each page for page-specific styling.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: