Paid projects

Hi @jaccobtw congratulations on finishing Computer Science Path. can you share where you started and what you think after doing the course? I ask because I am looking to do that course as well.

After this course I’m using leetcode and codewards to test my skills. Both are great resources. In leetcode, you get to practice interview questions from google. Cool stuff. I think the cs course is a great starter

@jaccobtw are you doing any paid projects?

No, not currently but soon

If you don’t mind me asking @jaccobtw is there a any reason why you are not looking for paid projects now?

I supposed its because I’m not dead set on code and I don’t know where to look for them unless you’re talking about applying for a job

What do you mean you’re not dead set on code? Do you mean your not sure which code you want to work with or do you mean you are not sure you want to be a coder/programmer yet?

I am referring to both either freelancing at sites like this

or looking to work for companies?

I’m asking these questions to get a feel for what I should be expecting. I would love to be working in the industry in the 6 months.