Paid for full year of codecademy in May, 3 months later all my progress is gone and it is saying I dont have pro anymore

I paid for a year of Codecademy pro in May, it is now August and it is offering me pro on my account page and all of my 60% is now gone. What is the fix for this since you cannot call Codecademy. I finished the test on the Objects course in Javascript and now it says I am not enrolled in Pro and my progress is 0%. What can I do? Because I am not about to start over or pay again for what I still have not used all of.

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We cannot answer billing questions here. Please submit a ticket over here:

As for your progress lost, that is probably due to new content added to the course, which will deduct from the % of progress. There was probably new content added to the JS course. (I’m not entirely certain as I’ve not taken that course).

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Thank you. Unfortunately the help center does not answer my questions. It seems to be choosing key words from my questions and giving me general answered that aren’t actually helping me.

hey! Sent you a DM, hope I can help