Paid, charged but no Pro account | Payment issue


I’m Igor.
Few hours ago I’ve bought a Pro account. There was some failed like a red text: “Something went wrong” and no other page loaded (usually it shows confirmation of payment). My credit card was charged and bank representative told me that the payment is processing. I understand it, but all the times I bought anything on the web it proceeded immediately, so I’m worrying. Also, I’ve not refreshed a page before I paid, so, may be this is the deal.

Chrome ver.: 48.0.2564.97 m

Can you please check your data and start charging me since my Pro account will be ready to use.

I already send an email and got automatic reply. I texted again but no answer. Sorry for importunity, I really want to continue my education with full package.

Thanks in advance and highly appreciate your job.


Hello Igor, I will respond to you asap via [email protected]

Thank you for your patience!

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