Paid, Charged and my account expires after 3 days

Hello… I paid an annual pro membership this Friday and was charged and even my account changed to pro; but it’s today, on Monday that I’ve got a mail saying that my pro membership has expired. I have kept the receipt. if anyone can help me, I’ll be pleased. Thank you

Does your account still show that it’s Pro?

No. After paying it showed a pro account but now (after receiving a mail saying my pro account expired) my account turned back to a free account.

Hello @redmulla,

Welcome to our forums! I’m sorry you are having issues with your account.

Try this: Paid, No Codecademy Pro Access – Codecademy Help Center

If that doesn’t work, please log a support ticket through the “Submit a Request” noted in the article. The Customer Support Team should be able to help you.


thank you… let me try this out and I’ll let you know.

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