Pages.html.erb. Not found

rails generate controller Pages after this command when I checked the pages folder app/views/pages/home.html.erb , was not there.
same for the bolt-network

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Hi @codingmmonster,

Are you still dealing with this problem? Usually resetting the exercise will fix it.

I also had this issue, resetting the course did not work.
We need to create the file, could you change the material to say this please?

Also by resetting the course I gained a new file that should not be there! (I’ve filed a bug report)
The file is some db/migrate/2015_create_messages.rb file that conflicts with me attempting to create a new 2019 (this year) file as the instructions dictate.

These ‘bugs’ (?) in the content are really disappointing and dissuading me from buying Pro or recommending CodeAcadamy.