Pages displaying multiple languages


So i've checked the preferred language and its definitely not that. Googled solutions and it was suggested right away but i'm set to English. Some words, and instructions, are in another language whilst the rest is english.

Like in this image. the tab name and the help parts at the bottom.


Take the pt out of the URL and see if that helps.


Nope, still the same


Could you give another screenshot to confirm that you're seeing the page displayed in multiple languages?

Click here and take a screenshot of what you see.

That should be the English one.


Same thing still


And this?


That must have been triggered by some automated process -- I don't see a problem with your account now.


That is really being stubborn! Could you try clearing your browser's cache -- or trying a different browser to see if it is browser related?


If that was actually in effect, you wouldn't have been able to post that reply.

Just saying :slight_smile:


I only have internet explorer as well, only it doesn't support codecademy and I like to use chrome. I deleted all the history and saved passwords etc?


Which version of Windows and Internet Explorer are you using?