Pages are not working for me. Everything is "right" evidently


I’m on the introduction to HTML course or whatever it’s called. I’m up to the lesson where you’re creating this webpage about brown bears by scratch or whatever the case may be. Since I got to a certain page that I had a hard time understanding everything was coming up as right. I began purposely inputting the wrong information on the middle page so that I could see the solution. But when I hit solution not only would the right answer not show up, but the checkbox would turn green as if I did something correct. I’d type in curse words, mash buttons and everything. Still nothing changed–even after attempts to reset.


The Code it wants you to put is on line 40

    <a href=""
      target="_blank"><img src=""/></a>

its supposed to make it so that you can Click the bear image, and it will open a new tab and send you to Wikipedia. The same exact problem occurred for me. I’ll tag @oduffy so the support team will know there’s a problem. I forgot the other member’s name, sorry to bother you @oduffy.


Hi there! To learn how to report a bug, check out this article: