Page Visits Funnel project

I am working on the Page Visits Funnel project in R. Step 3 says"how long is the visits data frame?" I interpreted this to mean “how many rows”. When I coded that and hit save, nothing happened. So I checked the hint which says: " Use nrows() to find out the number of rows in a data frame." so I coded it this way:

total_visits <- visits %>%

and also this way:
total_visits <- nrows(visits)
Neither solution produces a result upon saving. What is the error, please?

I’ve also tried:

total_visits <- visits_cart %>%

This didn’t seem to work, either.

It’s nrow() not nrows().

Also I suggest that you put the nrow in the inspection area.

Sorry, I also have a question about this project.
I´m trying to find the answer for step 5.
What percent of users who visited Cool T-Shirts Inc. ended up not placing a t-shirt in their cart?
I hope you can help me.

Here is how I tried to solve step 5 (and prior steps):

{r error=TRUE}
# define visits_cart here:
visits_cart <- visits %>%
# define total_visits here:
total_visits <- nrow(visits)
# define visit_no_cart here:
visit_no_cart <- visits_cart %>%

visit_no_cart_count <- nrow(visit_no_cart)
# calculate visit_no_cart_percent here:
visit_no_cart_percent <- visit_no_cart_count/total_visits

The calculation came out to 82.6%. Is this what you got?


Right now, I’m on step 6, which goes like this:

" Repeat the left join for cart and checkout and count NA values. What percentage of users put items in their cart, but did not proceed to checkout?"

So, before I could find the percentage mentioned, I needed to make a data frame which only had the carts that had not proceeded to checkout. To do this, I wrote the following code:

cart_checkout <- cart %>%
left_join(checkout) %>%


However, when I do this, I get the following error:

Error: Result must have length 348, not 452

I don’t understand what they mean with this code…

Cheers, Jóhann Örn