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// Edit this for loop!

for (var i = 5; i < 51; i+5)


Hi this line

for (var i = 5; i < 51; i+5)

this part


you should do it like that

i += 5
i = i + 5


The reasoning is the following i+5 computes the value of i +5 which is 10 as i starts with 5. The problem is that we're not interested in the value itself here but the point of that 3rd for loop part is to change the value of i and that is not done by i+5. So what you need is a statement that changes the value of i e.g. i=i+5 or the shorter version i+=5. Small typo with big consequences, because if i doesn't change you're not able to finish the loop and therefore it will go on and on and on until your browsers refuses to run this script any longer.


thank you so much it worked!!!


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