Page becomes unresponsive when trying to submit code


on JavaScript exercise 7-2 (introduction to while loops - while loop syntax) the page completely freezes, I have tried a number of different browsers and checked the console log for errors, these were what was printed to the log :

JQMIGRATE: jQuery.browser is deprecated
composer_controller-ebe44fa3aa213b4a92f5ee1b4adf4313.js:1 Eventbubbles: falsecancelBubble: falsecancelable: truecurrentTarget: WorkerdefaultPrevented: falseeventPhase: 0isTrusted: trueisTrusted: truepath: Array[0]returnValue: truesrcElement: Workertarget: WorkertimeStamp: 1445955929998type: "error"proto: Event
composer_controller-ebe44fa3aa213b4a92f5ee1b4adf4313.js:1 Uncaught #…I7LDEVVIL32I5WXQ&Expires=1445959528&Signature=OfqrB1A8bk+xmLOpE2/iz7+D1WY= Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)

could someone fix this as it's making it impossible to progress?


Could you post your code please?


You probably made an infinite loops, which will cause your page to freeze. I'm on Firefox, and eventually it gives me a "This script has stopped responding" message, at which point I can stop JavaScript and refresh the page.


I got stuck at the same place and if it's the same problem, here's the Solution that helped me: