Page 3/7 Error Can't figure out how to get the cd

All it says is “use the cd command to navigate to your site’s directory”

I’ve tried all forms of “cd” I could think of.

Error just says “navigate to your personal website directory using cd”.

Not sure what to do here :confused:

You’ll have to start by deciding what it is you want to do. The same actions as when you’re in a graphical file explorer are available (and far more), you just have to decide what, and then you can start thinking about how to write that.

Perhaps you’d like to know where you are, and where that directory is. How you can you do those things?

Thanks for replying. This is my first time playing with any of these commands or this website at all. So, right now the only goal is passing this course and learning how to deploy a website on Github. I don’t know what to type in at all for “using the cd command to navigate to your site’s directory”

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Ok, but do you know what actions you need to do that?
You need to figure out where you are, where that other directory is, and how to move from one directory to another.

You have to consider what you want to happen before you can start figuring out how to type that.

And then when you’ve figured out what to do, you can search for that with a search engine. Somebody else will have asked the same thing.

guys , i have found a way around the error
all you have to do is first go to /home/ccuser/workspace/daw/ directory then go to personal website
cd /home/ccuser/workspace/daw
cd personal-website



Remember the previous exercise where it asked you to create a directory? You need to go there first. In order to know your current location or directory, type in dir in the command line.
You will see there the directory/directories that you have created.
From there, type cd if you have been strictly following the instructions that would be

cd personal-website

Hope this helps!

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I had to create the directory once more:
jekyll new personal-website
cd personal-website
git init


thanks its works…

Thanks! Works :slight_smile:

thanks a lot you’ve been a great help :slight_smile:

didnt work.
$ git init
Reinitialized existing Git repository in /home/ccuser/personal-website/.git/
But didnt turn green, and cant go further.

I wrote “personal-website” instead of the name of my github repository, next created a file with this name inside daw, then used the git init command and it finally let me pass the lesson

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I made one of those things on github the way it said,“”. And I did the dir command and it said no files
What do I do now

thanks man! This actually works.

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