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Hello, I've been trying to get past page 2, second exercise, of page 11.
I get past echo "Welcome, Jane Doe". I'm able to save the file, yet when it asks to overwrite, I hit Y for yes. Then the cursor kicks me up to the white line in the terminal. I've tried saving the file: with space inbetween the backslash and the period, without the space. I've reset the workstation several times, yet the cursor kicks up to the white line at the top of the screen, so I can't type anything. Any help would be appreciated. Here is a screen shot


Normally commands like saving and exiting are listed at the bottom
The instructions also mention how to exit nano
And if you open a new terminal nano won't be running there, so that'll have a similar effect


Here are all of the screen shots. I can't seem to get past saving without the cursor kicking back up to the white line.

I don't know what steps I am missing. I save the file, press Enter and I can't get beyond that step. The cursor kicks up to the white line and it won't allow me to type or jump to the line under echo.


Which white line? The one where you're asked for a file name? You're supposed to enter a file name or leave the suggested filename as it is and press enter. After that you can exit with Ctrl X as suggested at the bottom of nano's interface and in the instructions

Do you mean that this is the cursor?

If so I'd say that's the "terminal" misbehaving, I'd just try opening a new terminal and continuing from there without opening nano, that's not normal behaviour for nano and might not be nano's fault at all

You could try ctrl C, ctrl L, ctrl Z and see if those have any effect (interrupt, redraw, and suspend respectively) but I wouldn't really count on it - again, if you can just get around it by starting a new terminal, that seems like the way to go

If you still need to create the file then that can be done by other means, for example:

$ echo echo "Welcome, Jane Doe" > .bash_profile

You could also use another editor called vi, it's a little more difficult to use, you'd do:

start it with the command vi .bash_profile
Then press i
which enters insert-mode
type the text
hit esc
which saves and exits

Another way to save and exit is to type: ZZ (shift + z, twice)
after hitting esc


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


That'll actually drop the quotes, it should have been

echo echo \"Welcome, Jane Doe\" > .bash_profile

But I guess they might not check that anyway

The content of the file can be viewed with:

cat .bash_profile


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