Pace of learning for the Full-Stack Engineer Course?

Hello world,

I recently began the Full Stack Engineer Career Path Course. It said it will take about six months, but I haven’t seen any outline to meet this time frame. I know it’s self paced and I may try to complete it faster if possible.

Is there a number of lessons I should be doing every day to meet this time frame?

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Hello, welcome to the forums!

There isn’t really a specific time estimate for how many lessons/hours a day you should be studying as it really will vary throughout the course, some topics you will find easy and be able to rattle through nice and quickly, while other topics you will probably end up struggling a little more with (it’s pretty common to have a big slowdown between 50-60% for the React/Redux stuff in a lot of cases I’ve seen).

One of the estimates I’ve seen around is 350 hours and if studying for 6 months that would equate to roughly 2 hours a day. That said however, in a lot of cases I’ve seen, the 6 months tends to be an underestimate and it will often end up taking people longer as it is just that, an estimate, and it will take some people longer and some people a little less time than average.

The really important thing is just to pace yourself and take your time, it is a very long course yes, but it’s absolutely worth it imo and trying to rush through it too quickly often comes at the expense of how much you actually learn and retain by the end of it.

Happy coding and good luck with the path! :smile:


I agree with what you say about the course. I have been studying it for a month now (while working full time) and I find my pace to be slower than I expected. As someone that doesn’t come from a technical background I find it hard at times to switch gears for this type of learning. I am really enjoying the experience but I have realized that it is going to be a bit more of an undertaking than I first thought. I think the most important part is to really learn and understand the concepts being presented before trying to race forward in the course. I have gotten my ■■■ handed to me a few times this way. :joy: Best of luck to everyone on the course! Happy learning!!!


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