''<p> </p>'' inside or outside the body tag?


Hi,I'm wondering about the ''p'' tags.Should I put it inside the ''body''tags or I can put randomly in the ''index.html.'' structure? I'm asking so because I've tested inside it and outside of the body tag and it seems that in both ways it worked properly.



You should always put <p></p> tags in the <body></body> tags. Same for other tags.

All the things that are in the <head></head> tags are not visible for users on a website. So mostly we put links in there to css or javascript files.

In the body we put the content that we want people to see when they visit our website. So it's best to put it between there, because you'll get problems when you try to use css.

I hope my explanation was a bit clear. :slight_smile:


Your suppose to put it inbetween the body codes



Yes You are Right.You Can Put <p> tag inside or outside the Body.Its Working Properly.

		<p>hello World!!!!!</p>

Divyesh Padamani


Thanks,veryaliona.yes,it was super clear. I think that ,doing so,we are following the Style guides provided by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in order to decline the probability of misreading.:slight_smile:


Hi,Divyesh Padamani.Thanks for you help. I guess that the WWWC recommends put inside the body just in case of any misreading by the browser or maybe it's just a standardisation for unknown reasons. :slight_smile:


Paragraph tags must ALWAYS be placed inside the body tags, no matter what.


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