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So I’ll be honest I started this with NO coding experience and I’m about a third of the way thought the front-end design and I have to say I spend like 90% of the time just trying to figure out what the lessons are saying or what the questions are and find myself looking at solutions for code just purely because I can’t figure out what the lesson is saying, the hint drop downs are about always useless in further explaining and just give you the answer. The walkthroughs on projects are just someone reading a question and then typing stuff out without explaining why or how anything works. then when I go to the forums everyone explains by using vocab words I HAVEN’T LEARNED YET so I either spend the day googling to figure out the forum answer or I just blindly work through things hoping they make sense eventually or reviewing over lessons and projects over and over until I figure it out myself.

I understand your frustration. Since you have no prior coding experience, there’s definitely going to be a learning curve. I would highly recommend going through the beginning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript courses on Codecademy if you’re feeling really behind.

There is some overlap between the courses and career paths, so you might have some lessons already checked off. The courses are more focused on each language than the career path is going to be, and you probably won’t need to go all the way through on any of them before you start to feel more comfortable with the language and vocabulary. I do recommend that order (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).


All this being said, you’ll still probably have to do some Googling as you work through the path. Googling is a big part of programming at any level, and part of learning to be a good programmer is learning how to Google effectively.

Don’t get discouraged! It’s all part of the learning journey.


you get that I’m saying that once I figure out WHAT the lessons are saying I figure it out quickly, but I just am working at a snails pace because I’m just exhausting myself reading the bad writing within the lessons and questions over and over again.

And also remember, if your ever too confused, feel free to ask the Codecademy community for help.

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