Over simplified solution? Please give me your feedback

I thought it was pretty easy, but after reading the example solution realized how I over simplified it. Please tell me why this is might not be a good idea?


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Hi @ahmadsoliman, I reviewed your code, it is not over simplified in my opinion, my only suggestion would be to add a maybe a conditional statement to avoid getting “bad luck” and “be happy” on the same message.

Nice work, have a great one.

Hey @ahmadsoliman .

I had almost the same solution and thought I’d play around with it a bit and review the class syntax again, although I probably could have achieved the same with a regular function.

Here is my solution know, please let me know what do you think about it :slight_smile:

class MixedMessages { constructor(sentenceParts) { this.sentenceParts = sentenceParts; } getRdmText(array){ const randomIndex = Math.floor(Math.random() * array.length); return array[randomIndex]; } get rdmMessage(){ let message= []; for (const key in this.sentenceParts) { if (this.sentenceParts.hasOwnProperty(key)) { message.push(this.getRdmText(this.sentenceParts[key])) } } return `${message.join(' ')}.`; } }; const studentsSentenceParts = { part1: ["Students", "Scholars", "Researchers", "The education system", "Academics"], part2: ["are studying", "studied", "will research", "have learned", "explore"], part3: ["the universe", "historical events", "new scientific theories", "modern literature", "cultural traditions"] }; const studentsSentence = new MixedMessages(studentsSentenceParts); let rdmStudentsSentence = studentsSentence.rdmMessage; console.log(rdmStudentsSentence); const travelersSentenceParts = { part1: ["Travelers", "Explorers", "Tourists", "Adventurers", "Backpackers"], part2: ["are exploring", "explored", "will visit", "have discovered", "travel to"], part3: ["ancient ruins", "exotic islands", "famous landmarks", "remote villages", "natural wonders"] }; const travelerSentence = new MixedMessages(travelersSentenceParts); let rdmTravelerSentence = travelerSentence.rdmMessage; console.log(rdmTravelerSentence);

PS: I will upload to Github and create ReadMe file tomorrow :slight_smile: