Output is true?

Isn’t the output supposed to be the name of the books?

Right now the output is:

import java.util.HashMap;

class Library {
  public Library (){
    public void getFinishedBooks(HashMap<String, Boolean> library){
      if (library.size() < 1){
        System.out.println("Library is empty");
      } else{
        for (String book: library.keySet()) {
          if (library.get(book) == true) {

    public static void main(String[] args){

      HashMap<String, Boolean> myBooks = new 
HashMap<String, Boolean>();
      myBooks.put("Road Down The Funnel", true);
      myBooks.put("Rat: A Biology", false);
      myBooks.put("TimeIn", true);
      myBooks.put("3D Food Printing", false);
      Library myLibrary = new Library();


then you should println(book), now you are using book as key of hashmap to get value.

Thanks :slight_smile:

looping over a hashmap will give you the key (book) in your case, do you understand? Then you can use the key to get the associated value, if you want

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