Out of date(old) lesson alexa

Your lesson on ‘Introduction to Alexa’ is based on old/outdated amazon things like ‘aws’, creating lambda function and i am not able to understand and do the steps properly. Please update the lesson upto current Amazon features/console and also relate your lesson to the Amazon latest features.


PLEASE REPLY COMMUNITY… What should i do? Should i leave Codecademy and learn somewhere else or will you help me out? If i get the help i want i will surely takeup your pro classes but response should come ASAP… PLEASE

AWS isn’t old or outdated - it’s very much in vogue. Lambda as well.

Is there a particular issue you find to be outdated or not working?

The amazon site does not look the same as it is in the video like blueprints option is somewhere else, etc.

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also there is some skill ID in triggers section

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It looks like Amazon updated their Dev platform. I’m trying to learn too, but it’s completely different now. It’s not Lambda being out of date, it’s that they are no longer using the beta version of the Dev Kit so Amazon looks different than the training. Is anyone @codeacademy working on updating the lesson plan to the new version of Amazon’s Dev kit?


I’m having problems too.

I can’t find “Configuration” anywhere. All I have in the top menu is: Your Skills / Codecademy /Build / Test / Launch / Measure.

Looks like I’ll have to find a more up to date tuto to work with.

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I agree the training appears to be out of date. The Amazon platform looks and acts different. I can’t get the example code to work for “getting user input”. It seems using Dialog is needed and the training does not show that.

Agreed. I’m going to have to go elsewhere. This tutorial seems out of date. I did get past the “Configuration” difference. However, I got stuck on code examples that are outdated.

I found this video on youtube. It’s less than 15 minutes long and uses the new Alexa interface: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ei_q4saWwcE&lc=z23ohrfg0trbgf5zm04t1aokg131jiguxyrspe4ckj4jrk0h00410.1524706623274133

Now I have a problem with external data in my skill lol

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mihir911, i faced the same problem, but you can find your Alexa Skill ID in your developer.amazon.com Endpoint section. Copy the skill id that is there. It is something like amzn1.ask.skill…

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Folk, I am having hard time initiate the dialog with Alexa, Its not clearly defined how to initiate the conversation, like “Open Codecademy” what next? Somehow its not clearly well organized so you know how to communicate back and forth with Alexa. Like all of sudden Alex randomly start answering from other skills rather than staying within the Test.

Codecademy, please improve the Testing scenarios so Devs like me can see the outcome without wasting so much time trying different options.

Also, when will you update the tutorials to reflect new Alex UI?