Our next chapter: Codecademy + Skillsoft

Hi, everyone! :wave:

We’re excited to share some big news here at Codecademy HQ: we entered an agreement to be acquired by Skillsoft! This milestone allows us to double down on our mission and accelerate our growth so that we can build more products, develop more curriculum, and better serve more learners like you.

You can read more about the acquisition in our CEO Zach Sims’ blog post from this morning. What’s important to know is that nothing about the Codecademy product, experience, or community is changing in the near-term – just as our mission is staying the same. Longer term, as we add more resources to our team, Codecademy is excited to deliver more products, content, and learning experiences to help all of our learners thrive throughout their coding journeys and careers.

Thank you again for being a part of this incredible community - we are excited to enter this new chapter with you! :tada:


I cant wait to see what awsome things you can not bring to CC with SkillSoft working with you.