Other tags available but not on codecademy

I finished HTML today, but I noticed there are other tags such as the

< meta >


< hr >
That were not included in the HTML codecademy lessons. I went to w3schools and I noticed there was a tag like

< canvas >
and other CSS tags that can be used in HTML like

< h1 style=“color:blue;” > This is a Blue Heading < /h1 >

Do I learn these in CSS or does codecademy just not have these lessons?

Welcome, @avdexter,

The complete list of HTML elements can be found here,


Notice they are grouped according to general purpose.

On this Page

Main root
Document metadata
Sectioning root
Content sectioning
Text content
Inline text semantics
Image and multimedia
Embedded content
Demarcating edits
Table content
Interactive elements
Web Components
Obsolete and deprecated elements 

Be sure to bookmark the above page as a goto resource for official information. Much preferred to w3schools.

The introduction to HTML course does not cover the entire list, obviously, but now you know where to begin reading up on any new elements you encounter.


Thanks a lot for this, but I believe there are some necessary tags that should be covered up in the HTML lessons like the tag in headings, paragraphs, images, etc… which is used commonly in many websites including codecademy, obviously.