Other planets? For example Mars?


I want to add the red planet. 1. is there a link to a src=http://goo.gl/xxxxx ?
2. what does '' 41IWnf'' for xxxxx do, in the earth image??
3. Should I just use the same earth xxxxx and then colour it red??
4. Has anyone got any tips on adding all the planets and known moons, as you can tell i am space geek!!


Hey Shaunf1986e,

You should probably change your username right now, since it currently shows your email address.

To answer your questions:

  1. goo.gl is a link shortener, just like is.gd or Bitly. You can right click on an image and select "Copy Image URL" (the exact words may vary), then paste it into the URL shortener, and you'll get a shortened link like https://goo.gl/xxxxx.
  2. if you visit my profile, you'll see the last part of the URL (called the path) change to /users/zystvan. It just tells the server (the computer sending the webpage to you) what page (or in this case, image) to send you.
  3. You could. It would take some size readjusting, but it wouldn't be too hard. I don't think it would look quite right, though.
  4. Other people have tried this before you. Do a search for something like all planets site:codecademy.com/forum, and you'll be able to find a bunch of helpful stuff :)