Orlando Date Generator


I live in the Orlando area so I decided to base my project on something me and my friends may be able to use. My wife and I enjoy spending time with each other, doing activities, and of course, eating food! :slight_smile:

Users can press a button that randomly generates a date experience consisting of one activity, one restaurant, and a photo/video scavenger hunt challenge for the Orlando, FL area. My plan is to evolve this project the further I get into the course. Please let me know what you think.

Here is a link to my webpage:
Link to my Github Repository

I love this!

It looks fantastic, it’s original, it’s quirky. It’s really neat, to be honest.

I’m just heading out the door, so I haven’t looked at your code, but I will take a look later.

This website looks great though, and it’s just perfect for a portfolio!