Orion Constellations_Feedback requested

Hi there, :raising_hand_man:

As part of the Python projects and data science skill path, I recently visualized a 3D Orion constellation. Sharing the link and images as well.

Request your feedback /suggestions on the project.
Responses are highly appreciated.

P.S. Feel free to share a link to your constellation project below for review.
Have been working through binder /Jupyter Notebook instead of terminal command as I have had some errors installing Python due to computer configurations.

GitHub notebook access

Cheers, :smiley:

Hi Kabir

Your code looks good to me up till the 3d section.

Forgive me if I’m not explaining this well but as you know I’m very new to any coding language.

On first pass your project looks very good. However if you rotate your 3d graph you will notice that all of the stars are on the same plane, somewhere around 1 on the z axis i think ( I made the same error). You need to call the scatter toolkit onto your figure, as I did with
ax_orion.scatter(x,y,z, color=’#c4062c’, marker=‘o’)
otherwise scatter toolkit assumes it’s for a 2d plot and uses the z coordinates as scalar parameters.

Hope this helps.


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the review, its helpful. The points do appear to be just a presentation of interaction between, XY, YZ, ZX not xyz in aggregate from the way they appear in Jupyter notebook.
I tried substituting ‘fig_3d’ in place of plt in plt.scatter, somehow it gives an error.

Sharing images from Jupiter notebook, Github doesn’t display the interactive buttons.
Please let me know if you were referring to these.