Orion Constellation

Suggestions, tips, criticisms all welcome:)

2d plot 3d plot

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Is there a link to your code somewhere?

I’m not tech savy so i don’t know how to share the link from Jupyter. Here’s the code:

#for 2d graph
fig = plt.figure()
plt.scatter(x,y, cmap = “hsv”)
plt.savefig(“2d plot”)

#for 3d graph
cool = matplotlib.cm.cool
ax = plt.axes(projection = ‘3d’)
ax.scatter3D(x,y,z, s=50, cmap = cool)
plt.title(“Orion Constellation”)
plt.savefig(“3d plot”)

Apologies, I thought this project was done in the LE where there is a link to upload your code to GitHub.
If you have a GitHub account, you can upload your .ipynb file as a new repository and share the GitHub link there.

to format your code here, select the “</>” button above.

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You can also change the background color and the marker style. It’s in the documentation:


to change the background color of the plot,
ax.set_facecolor('insert color here')


If you’re familiar with the comic xkcd, there’s a whole list of colors here:

I didn’t have those lines in mine and now I’m re-thinking what I did. :joy:


It might be a personal thing but I’m not sure about having the lines plotted behind the scatter. It kind of confuses the data points you have.

A good effort. I don’t know much about constellations, but this is cool.

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I appreciate the boldness going after the lines, I wanted to do that myself to make it appear more like a actual constellation but I abandoned the idea when I realized that it wouldnt make the correct shapes but it actually brought me alot of joy to see someone do it!

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