Orion Constellation


This is my solution for the Off-site project for the ‘Graphing With Python’ module in the ‘Visualize Data with Python’ skill path.

Orion Constellation

It’s hosted on github, which appears to render/show Jupyter Notebooks, which is nice.

Any constructive feedback is gratefully received.

Oh, this is the Project Rubric link too.


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Thanks a lot for the post i really appreciate it.

It looks great from what I can see. One question tho I have is on the 4th part of the project. It asks us to create a new variable called constellation3d and I don’t see where you did it. I’m struggling trying to figure out how to use it and was just wondering what your solution was?

Here is my solution:
#3D Constelation
fig_3d = plt.figure()

ax = fig_3d.add_subplot(111, projection = ‘3d’)
constellation3d = ax.scatter(x,y,z)
plt.title(“Orion Constellation - 3D Plot”)