Orion Constellation Project

This is the Constellation Project I completed. Please take a look, any feedback you might have is appreciated. I was interested if there is a better way to make the points in the 3D graph more visible.


It’d be best to get in the habit of adding labels to all your axes now. Without them it takes the viewer much longer to interpret your data.

Please also have a close look at the z-axis of your points. I believe they all sit at z=0.0 which is not correct. Using the standard matplotlib.pyplot.sctatter() function only allows for 2D plotting.

You need to be using the .scatter() method of your 3D axis object which supports z data…

ax3dobj = fig.add_subplot(1,1,1,projection="3d")

For increasing visibility the first step would be to increase marker size which can be done with by adding the keyword parameter s=20 to the function call (20 might not be right, play around with that value a little). You could then try altering marker shape and colour to see if it helped, the documentation should provide you with the methods to do so-

Thanks a lot. I implemented your suggestions on my code and can see the difference.

Thanks for your feedback. I added this and it has definitely helped.