Orion Constellation project (off-platform)

My Jupiter notebook for this project can be found here.
Kept it simple, enjoyed the premise! I would appreciate feedback if anyone feels so inclined. Thanks!

A suggestion: It might be much easier for people to view the notebook if you push it to a GitHub repository. You can do that within Colab. Go to File>Save a Copy in GitHub.

Also, you need to use the scatter method for the 3d axis for a 3d plot.
from the directions you have to add this bit of code:
ax3D = fig3d.add_subplot(1,1,1, projection="3d")
You could also use the size or marker parameters to change the marker and increase the size of the marker in the plots.
For ex:
marker = '*', s= 90)


Thanks for your feedback, lisalisaj! I appreciate it!

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